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Social Media Startup 

for Businesses

Do you struggle to write content for your social media?

Then you are in the right place! 

Do you think...


I don't want to look "silly" on social media!


What should I post on social media?


I don't have time to do social media!

How Can Social Media Startup Help Me?

Professional Man Holding a Tablet


Weekly Online Sessions

We meet online the second
Wednesday of the month at 9:30am. 

At the beginning of the session, we will discuss a topic i.e. advertising
During the rest of the session, we will guide you and give you ideas on what to post, where to find images and how to edit them.
You will plan, create and schedule your posts for the week or month. 

If you get stuck or feel unsure we are there to give you support and you can even ask the group what they think about it.   

Creating a Movie


Business Consultants

Are you a business coach, consultant or advisor?

We create all your monthly content for you. All you need to do is copy and paste.

Each month you will receive:

  • 35 Fully written posts with images, CTA and hashtags

  • 2 image styles per post to choose from in different formats

  • All images are editable so you can add your logo or change the colour


Content Bundles

Buy A campaign 

We have created different content bundles to help you launch your campaign. 

Packages include: 

  • Free downloadable content for lead capturing 

  • Post to help you promote lead capturing 

  • Industry-specific content bundles 

  • Campaign posts for different days i.e. Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Fathers Day

Here is what other people say...

This course has helped me develop my business beyond my wildest expectations.

Anne-Marie is helpful, experienced and so enthusiastic in her support. Although I'm not really IT literate I have been able to easily understand the course. I have enjoyed it and been blown away by how much I've been able to achieve.



Had a really good LinkedIn training session with Anne Marie and learned a mountain of really good stuff that will help enhance my linked in posts.

If you want to add to your skillset, I would highly recommend attending

Anne-Marie's monthly workshops.



She showed us how to develop a video storyboard and introduce us to simple techniques for using a smartphone to produced an example of how this can be done very quickly and effectively. She was brilliant.



Need another solution...

Need help
with a specific problem?

Need advice on how to design and implement your social media strategy  

Just give me a done for service as I don't have time to do social media.


Let's be social

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