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You tell your story... 

We'll capture it on video!

Did you know that telling your story can bring you more customers?


Empire video productions…

…will help you to capture your story so that you can share it with your customers on different social media platforms, in your store and on your website.


To start your journey…

… we sit down with you and listen to your story. This will give use an idea of which style of video will suit your project best: animation, life action, screen casting or a combination. We then discuss your goal for making a video. It’s important to start with the end in mind and work back to the beginning to ensure that we capture the right content when we shoot the footage for your videos.


Goals for your videos can be:

* Promotional video

* Social media content

* Testimonial videos

* Case study videos

* Instructional videos

* Educational video

* Informational videos


To get the maximum impact…

… we look at who is your target audience. We analyse their behaviour, their likes and dislikes. We then match this with your companies image and culture before we set out to write your story board.


Your storyboard is important…

… because that will show you what we plan, which angles we will shoot from, what type of photography we will use i.e. underwater, aerial, slow motion to name but a few. Eery second of you video, title and description will be preplanned, discussed and adjusted should you require any changes. This help you to visualise the end product and help us to shoot the correct content to produce an amazing video about your story.


If you would like Empire Video production to create your business videos for you please get in contact. 


Packages starts from as little as £375.  


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