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Social Media Startup 

for Businesses

Do you struggle to write content for your social media?

Planning social media marketing for your business can be challenging!

don't want to look "silly"
on social media!

What should I post on 

social media?

I don't have time to do social media. 

How Can Social Media Startup Help Me?

Professional Man Holding a Tablet


Our professional team of content writers create a full content calendar each month specific for your industry talking about things that are relevant now.

Every post forms part of a logic business strategy and comes complete with call to actions and hashtags.

Creating a Movie


Finding images and creating artwork takes time so we do all the hard work for you. Every month when your receive your content calendar you will also receive 2 images in 2 different sizes. 

What's even better is that all of these images can be customised with only a few clicks, should you wish to add your logo or change an image.  

PLUS we have a library of additional post if you are looking for something different. 



All you need to do is copy and past your content into a scheduling tool. 

Sound Scary?

Don't worry we have easy to follow, Step-By-Step Guides to help you as well as monthly LIVE Get-It-Done Sessions

How do I sign up?

Which industries do you cover?

  • Health and Wellbeing Professionals: Ideal for personal trainers, gyms and other health and wellbeing professionals. 

  • Marketing consultants: Ideal for web designers, brand consultants and marketing agencies 

  • Business consultants: Ideal for small business consultants, strategy consultants and management consultants   

How does it work?

  • On the 16th of every month we release the content for the next month 

  • You will get a notification email 

  • Log into your account 

  • Copy and past your posts 

  • If you are struggling join in one of the LIVE Get-It-Done sessions 

How much does it cost?

Find another solution...

Need help with a specific problem  

Find Help

Need advice on how to design and implement your social media strategy  

Get Advice

Just give me a done for service as I don't have time to do it.

Let's Start
Neat Desk


This course has helped me develop my business beyond my wildest expectations.

Anne-Marie is helpful, experienced and so enthusiastic in her support. Although I'm not really IT literate I have been able to easily understand the course. I have enjoyed it and been blown away by how much I've been able to achieve.



Had a really good LinkedIn training session with Anne Marie and learned a mountain of really good stuff that will help enhance my linked in posts.

If you want to add to your skillset, I would highly recommend attending

Anne-Marie's monthly workshops.



She showed us how to develop a video storyboard and introduce us to simple techniques for using a smartphone to produced an example of how this can be done very quickly and effectively. She was brilliant.



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