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3 top tips on how to thrive in business during Covid-19

The way people shop and consume information has changed and as a business owner, you will need to adapt quickly to stay ahead.

Here are our three top tips:

1. Optimise your website

With business moving online it is important to take control of your website and ensure that you:

 - Know how to log into your website.

 - Read through the content and update any outdated content as well as update the images to be relevant.

- Add keywords to your website. Keywords are words that are related to your site or a topic that people search for in Google

 - Review your competitor's website but do not copy it. See what layout, words and apps they are using to draw potential customers in and engage with them.

 - Create a shop with your services and products. It’s important to make it super easy and safe for customers to buy from you. Most shops use PayPal or Stripe which are easy to use and very cost-effective as they only take commission and don’t have monthly fees.

 - Add a blog - be realistic on how many you can write per month. If you struggle to be consistent ask someone to write it for you. It is important to be consistent as it will help with SEO (your ranking in Google).

2. Create a shop on Facebook and Instagram


 - Facebook shop is a free service where you can easily create an online store for your products. You add your products and services onto Facebook and can communicate with your customers through WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram directly.

 - If you link an Instagram account to your Facebook page you can have a shop on Instagram too so even more chances to promote and grow your business.

 - Instagram also has a product focused page where you can showcase all the relevant info on a certain product. This is great as it gives people more information about our product and increases your chances of selling.

 - Customers can purchase directly through Instagram and can use Facebook Pay without leaving the app. The good news is that it’s very easy to set up and very efficient.

 - A nice bonus is that you can announce upcoming products in your shop and set up reminders for when they are available to buy.

3. Interact on LinkedIn

 - With LinkedIn, you can write text-only posts and still get engagement but remember a picture can paints a 1000 words. When deciding whether to use an image or not think about the characteristics of your target audience, would they enjoy an image more than text-only?

- You can have up to 1300 characters, which is around 250 words; this is more than enough to include good detail. Try to include a question in your posts as this also helps prompt further engagement.

- Liking your own posts on Linkedin sounds crazy but it's not. Liking your posts shows others that you have commented that there are engagement and interaction and prompts others to join in. You can also add a comment. Make it look like an afterthought.

 - Take time to engage with comments that people have left. This prompts people to engage further and could lead them to share your posts.

 - Unlike other platforms, it’s better to make your profile and post public. Making your posts public is great for promoting your business and again helps with engagement.

- Tag people in your posts. This helps you to spread your post to a wider audience but please make sure that the people you tag are relevant and would like to know the content of your post. Randomly adding people can annoy them.

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