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4 things you should do now to get your social media ready for 2021

Things have changed a lot in 2020 and no-one could have predicted the changes. It’s the beginning of a new year and as business owners, we need to take stock and plan for 2021.

Here are four things should do this month to help you stand out online this year.

1. Profile update

Start by looking at all your social media channels. Ensure all the information and company descriptions are up to date. This includes your profile and cover photos; this should visually represent your company's identity. Check that all contact details are up to date and that all social media pages follow the same format and have the same information to avoid confusion for visitors. Add your other social media links to your profiles too - it saves your visitors time trying to find you!).

2. What worked and what didn’t

Take a good look at all your channels and work out what worked best for you and what didn't. Look into which posts performed best, which ones generated the most interest and turned into sales/services being booked. Look at how you presented the posts (image, wording, video etc.) and use this process again and again.

Take time to learn from your mistakes. If a post didn’t perform how can you improve it? Maybe add a catchy title or change the image.

3. Write an outline for 2021

'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

Heard the above saying? I'm pretty sure most people have.

Why not look ahead to next year and work out what you want social media to do for your business:

- Is it brand awareness?

- Lead generation?

- Community engagement?

- Getting more followers?

- Increasing traffic to your website?

Download and print our 2021 planner and, well, get planning. Set yourself a monthly target and then plan how you are going to achieve this. Use the coming seasons/events (Spring, Easter, summer holidays). 2021 has got to be bigger and better, so grab the opportunity to make it great!

4. Get-it-done

It’s a new year and everyone is starting with renewed energy! So take some time out of your diary and write the following posts:


12 x sales post

12 x information posts describing your customer's problems and how your products/services can help to solve them (maybe ask customers for their input then this is material for your posts)

12 x tips - give your customers tips and tricks that they can try out to help them improve their business/life.

Schedule one of each post for 12 weeks - first quarter of the year done ✅


The feeling of planning, preparing and getting it done is a good one and can help get the creative juices flowing.

Now that you know you’ll be consistent with your marketing for the first quarter you can get on with running your business.

Happy 2021 everyone!

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