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5 tips on how to improve your organic reach

On average only 5.2% of people that like or follow you will see your post organically. That is only one in 19 fans. So what can you do to increase your organic reach?

Never take a one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing 

To reach more people you need to understand the platform you are using and the audience that use it. Focus on the platform that will drive your business and then learn them inside out. If you plan to reach the younger, here and now crowd then you should really learn all about Snapchat, Tik-Tok and Instagram stories. Use the platforms to their absolute fullest. Using hashtags, geotags, people tags and shopping tags can really help boost the organic content if you know what your doing.

Create a content strategy

If you want organic content to perform and do well on social media then you will have to put in the work and spend more time on your content. You need to learn what your audience are interested in, what are the demographics, how do they vary by platform? Social listening is a perfect way to learn what your audience and competitors are engaging with. Look at your favourite brands and see what they are doing to get some ideas. Do keep in mind not to go pushing sales; this will not grow your audience.

Connect with people

Research shows that people like/comment on posts more when they contain faces. People connect with people more than products and services. People will also make their own views and opinions on how the company treat it's people. Why not showcase your company's talent, diversity and values; the more people see themselves in your content the more they will follow and engage. This may not lead to high sales numbers but building a thriving community will certainly pay off in the long run. Remember it's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

Be consistent

You should really know this but if you don't then remember consistency is key! Posting regularly and at the right time helps. Knowing your audience will help you know when is best to post. Being consistent helps you to maintain a presence. Don't whatever you do forget 'quality over quantity'. Again, having access to a good social media content calendar will help and planning keeps the routine sustainable. Go with themes, regular instalments or a reoccurring theme. People like consistency.

Know the algorithms

Social media algorithms use ranking signals to sort the order of content in their timelines and newsfeeds. These algorithms priorities posts that have a very high chance of engagement and early engagement is a great indicator. Posts that use videos, images and GIF's seem to be the most favourite but video is still the star of social media content.

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