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50 things to post on social media

Are you struggling to come up with new ideas for your social media? Have a look at the 50 social media content ideas. You don't need to use all of them just pick your favourite ones that fit into your business and your personality. Use them for a few weeks and look at your analytics. Drop the ones with no engagement and try different topics until you find what works for you and your target audience. Remember there are no one-size-fits-all in social media.

  1. Behind the scenes. Show followers your business space and what you do day-to-day

  2. Share a personal story it can be personalised to your business or your life

  3. Host a giveaway. Maybe to help launch a new product

  4. Share your business story. How did you get started?

  5. Shoutout to clients or followers. People like to be acknowledged

  6. Inspirational quotes

  7. Ask followers/clients to feedback post ideas. What they would like to see?

  8. Host a live chat on new/current products and services

  9. New product sneak peek

  10. Share your favourite apps that help you with your business day

  11. Share errors/lessons learnt

  12. Promote your newsletter to get more people to sign up

  13. Share your daily routine

  14. Create an ‘ask me anything’ post

  15. Weekly top tip

  16. #MondayMotivation, #MondayMemories, #Mondayvibes, #FitnessMonday, #MusicMonday

  17. #TakeMeBackTuesday #TransformationTuesday #TechTuesday #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayTips

  18. #WednesdayWisdom #WorkoutWednesday #WINWednesday #WellnessWednesday #WildlifeWednesday

  19. #ThrowBackThursday #CoffeeThursday #ConnectThursday #ThinkAboutItThursday #ThankfullThursday 

  20. #FunFactFriday #FearlessFriday #FlashbackFriday #FeelGoodFriday #FitnessFriday #FollowFriday 

  21. Share testimonials from clients

  22. Share industry news

  23. Promote a flash sale or deal

  24. Post interesting facts about your business/industry

  25. Page take-over. Allow an employee, influencer or brand ambassador to run the page for 24 hours

  26. Post a promotional video

  27. Share like-minded social media profiles to follow; sharing is caring

  28. Ask for feedback and things to improve on

  29. Time-saving tips

  30. Interview a likeminded industry expert

  31. Share an inspiring story

  32. Share a blog/podcast you recently listened to that you found interesting

  33. How to…. Share how-to ‘make more time’, ‘engage more followers’

  34. Be thankful to employees, customers, or followers

  35. Celebrate the wins however big or small

  36. Share something that has helped you recently in your business

  37. Create a monthly theme.

  38. Have fun with a ‘this-or-that’ poll. Get followers to pick a side; could lead to some interesting conversations

  39. Tap into a trending topic; it doesn’t have to be business-related but could engage new followers

  40. Create fill in the blank posts

  41. Introduce your team; people love learning about who does what within the business

  42. Ask followers to share the last nature photo or animal picture they have on their phone

  43. Share social media fails

  44. Team up with an influencer; get them to take over and share their experiences/knowledge

  45. Nothing wrong with re-posting old content. Maybe just use a different picture

  46. Do a live video about different products you sell/promote

  47. Ask your followers how they are dealing with the ever-changing world of online business

  48. ‘Caption This’ pictures

  49. Selfie day. Post a selfie of yourself and ask people to post selfies of themself

  50. Competitions and giveaways

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