7 steps to setup an Instagram Business Account

1. Convert your account to an Instagram business profile

If you're looking to create a following for your business then create an Instagram business profile. There are differences between a personal and a business profile. As a business, you share your brand industry, contact details, an additional way to make contact, and also a contact button. You can never have too many ways for someone to make contact with you.

Having a business profile also gives you access to data which shows how your page is performing.

You can add links to your profile ('link in bio'). This will help followers find pages/ideas etc. you have without having scroll through pages on posts to find it.

You can also tag products in your posts. 46% of users will make a purchase after seeing a product on Instagram and even more, will do further research after viewing the product. That's a pretty big percentage not to use!! Makes perfect business sense to get tagging.

2. Profile

Getting the profile image right is key. Ensure your profile picture is your latest company logo so people can easily identify you.

Ensure your business name is your account name and is exactly the same as your other social media accounts.

Website links in posts are not clickable and therefore you need to think very carefully about which URL to add.

Bio - give basic information as this will want the followers wanting to know more. This means they will have a more in-depth look and this could lead to enquiries and sales.

3. Stories v posts

What's the difference? Stories are vertical photos or videos which last up to 15 seconds then disappear after 24 hours of posting and followers cannot like or comment.