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Are you using hashtags to increase the reach of your posts?

What are hashtag’s?

Hashtag’s are a way for others who are interested in a certain topic to quickly find content on the same subject, for example #makeup.

Hashtag’s are a great way for companies to get their products noticed.

There should be no spaces at all in your hashtag’s; this even means if your using multiple words e.g. #tothebeatofthedrum. If you want to differentiate between the words then use capital letters, e.g. #ToTheBeatOfTheDrum. Numbers can be used but no punctuation marks (commas or question marks). Most social media platforms support the hashtag (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

How many hashtags should you use?

Where possible use a minimum of three hashtags in your posts. Ensure the hashtags you are using fit your brand or business or you could end up with no interest or business engagement!

On Instagram you can use up to 30 #’s!! So why not write a list of 20 hashtags related to your business and save them on your device so you can just copy and paste them when needed. The last 10 hashtags should be related to the post you are working on.

Hashtag engagement

Using hashtags on Twitter, for example, is vital for growth. Any post you produce using hashtags will get twice as much engagement as those without them. It is always worth checking Twitter and Instagram to which hashtags are trending. It will give you a great insight into what topics people are discussing hence you can grab more attention if the top topic is anyway relevant to you.

Use the link below to help you find words to use in your posts to drive more traffic to your page.

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