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Being more digital and social

Every company will have to review the way they portray themselves and their business online. Time should be taken to plan short term strategies on how you can get your business back on tracker as well as long term strategies looking at your market position in a year or two from now.

Human connection

Technology is always developing and it has never been more important, but we must remember that there is a human in the other end reading your posts or email. Try building a community around your business. Clients enjoy being part of something and not being just a number or money in the bank. Offer them genuine support. Make a connection and don’t just try to ‘sell, sell, sell’!. We, as humans, don’t like to be pushed into buying something. There is plenty of competition around so be more friendly and less pushy.

In today’s current uncertainty there is a need, more than ever, for 1-2-1 connections to be made. If this is your customer need, how can you address/fulfil it?

You could try arranging a Facebook party; a great way to connect with clients. It doesn’t have to be business orientated as such, just fun.

Make people feel good

Following in with the human connection theme; how about helping people to feel good. There is a lot of stress and worry around and what better way to help relieve some of that.

Make your posts fun and try to get people laughing; the they ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Maybe try posting quizzes or riddles and problems to be solved promising the answers later in the day. This will help distract the stress and introduce good old-fashioned fun. This could help traffic to your site without fear of being hassled for a sale and will help grow a connection between clients, old and new.

Sort out your digital shop front

With more people then ever being forced to work and stay at home means more people online. This is a period of time to take a good look at your website and social media and workout just what image you are giving. Maybe make some shuttle changes to drive more traffic to your page and posts. Try not to make too dramatic changes; keep it simple.

Educate yourself

With a large percentage of us being on ‘lockdown’ and being at home, now is a perfect time to learn a new skill. You could even try learning a new skill or language. You could, if your feeling brave, learn how to update your own website and save some money in the long run? Maybe learn a new software that could keep track of your tasks and your team tasks, i.e. Asana or

Whatever you choose to do stay safe.

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