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How to plan your social marketing

Knowing what to post on social media can be very hard, time consuming and extremely frustrating. But with a little bit of planning, you can create a unique social media content plan specific for your business, that will help you to increase engagement and get more paying clients.


Know your customer

You would think that it is a given that people post on their social media business pages after doing extensive research into who their target audience is?

Well, you would be wrong.

It is a common mistake made by many and NOT one that you would want to make. You need to know exactly who your target audience is and how to connect with them. You will need to be aware of where your audience is spending their time, based on your research by using an audit and some of your good old intuition. Knowing the values, interests and behaviours of your audience helps greatly. Ensure you use language your audience will understand and relate to you. Be client friendly by using ‘client friendly’ language; do not use too much jargon or technical talk.

Yes, you want to connect with your current clients but you also want to gain new ones. Be clear and specific with your messages. Using images with your posts is a great way of getting your message out to all. Use images that your audience can relate to. Posting old and unexciting images can lead to your busy clients scrolling past your post resulting in you losing potential business.

Look at the calendar and plan your themes for the year

Getting an understanding of what you are going to post through each month of the year is as simple as taking a few minutes out of your day to look at the calendar for the year ahead and making notes of any days/months that could benefit your business and more importantly get your audience to engage with.

You could be missing out on a great opportunity to connect to new followers if you do not plan ahead. Let us use The Business Show as an example. It takes place in November each year and is a huge showcase for businesses that can help you start up or grow your business. If your business, for example, is a coaching business you can look at the speakers and tag them in your posts and use the official hashtags for the event.

Another way to promote your content is to look at special days and events. For example, May is ‘mental health’ month. You can create your content to focus more on health and well being.

Do not waste the opportunities. Research which days will fit into your business and remember it's social media so have a bit of fun by adding strange days like Hummus Day, International Carrot Day or Towel Day (Who knew that this was even a thing!)

Bulk creating your social media

Creating your posts in bulk has many benefits. Mainly, it is a great time saver and who doesn’t like saving time?! Putting aside specific time each week or month in your diary to sit and create content for the coming weeks means you are using your time effectively plus giving you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Scheduling also ensures your followers will always have content going out when they expect it meaning more engagement. Believe it or not bulk creating can help with your stress levels. Why? Well. If you post last minute this means you will end up frantically searching for last minute content. This is not a good way of running your social media and this can lead to mistake which looks very unprofessional. Consistency is key to success. Being consistent and not leaving holes in your content can lead to more engagement and more engagement could mean more business.

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