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Ignoring the bland for The Think Brand not bland Guy


Phil Strachan


Describe the problems you were facing that made you decide to contact Social Media Startup for Businesses.

I had heard commendable reviews about Anne-Marie's services and at the time I was struggling to find the time to post on LinkedIn to get the maximum benefits. I also found it hard to learn how to do it myself because of my time constraints, so I got her to help me.

Which service did you use?

Individual, Get-It-Done sessions

Describe how your problems were fixed/improved.

Anne-Marie helped me to understand LinkedIn and how to use it, when to do LinkedIn posts or articles and how to reach my target audiences through using the correct keywords, hashtags and tagging. Anne-Marie is very knowledgeable and professional. I am extremely happy with the services she provides me every month and I would not hesitate to recommend her and Social Media Startup to any business.

Need help with your social media and digital marketing?

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