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3 Types of content every business should have

Case studies

Case studies and client profiles are not a common items you will find on a business page as they can take a great deal of time to put together and when you are starting out on your own time is difficult to find and manage. However, case studies are pretty much a story showcasing your company's best work and this is something to be proud of and therefore share.

Having shopped on a very well-known site, almost weekly, I will always look at reviews and customer feedback before buying. People looking to spend their money and so will want to be sure they are getting a great investment. Providing this vital information may help them to decide to give you, their business.

Don’t feel embarrassed about asking past and present customers if you can build a story around their experiences with you and your business. You can use videos and graphics to go with the stories and if you can get the client talking on video about their experience then even better. The more specific your story the more people will believe in your success and more business could, fingers crossed, be coming your way.

How to

Ever typed ‘how to’ into a search engine? If so, you will see just how many suggestions it gives you; it’s positively endless! How to boil an egg, how to build a house, etc etc.

Take time to sit and think about what people need to know about your product, service, or field of expertise. Think about how to make it easy for those new to your business to understand what you do and make it simple with step-by-step instructions. Using visuals is a very effective way of getting information across to people. Visuals are very engaging.

Ensure you do your research into any ‘frequently asked questions. What are the top five questions your customers ask you? What do your competitors have on their websites? Write an answer to all these questions along with instructions on how you can help them. This shows strong customer service and will help you stand out against your competitors.


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Effective graphics show a large amount of data and information in a small space. Infographics can really help make difficult and complex ideas a lot easier to understand. They can often be beautifully coloured and can really catch the visitor's eye.

Infographics can help you in various ways for example they can help to break up long articles or topics. Using them can help drive traffic to your site if you use them on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. There are many tools, like Canva, that can help you create stunning visuals using free stock photos or even by creating your own images.

Us humans are visual creatures and well-designed graphics hit the optic nerve that drives the brain; infographics are engaging and fun and can enhance your business page. They are appealing, attention-grabbing, easy to understand, and memorable. Try them, you won’t be disappointed, and nor will your customers.

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