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How to use Pinterest for your business

What is Pinterest for business?

Pinterest is a social media network where people go to find inspiration and ideas for their hobbies and interests and with over 200 million users worldwide, it’s a pretty good place to showcase your products.

Think of it as a digital scrapbook and an online wish list and as a search engine for images rather than a social network. Users use the search engine by simply typing what they are looking for; a bit like Google. For example, users could type ‘black leather sandals’ and viola, images of ‘black leather sandals’ will appear, and if the user wants more information they can click the website link.

Pinterest is one very big digital visual catalogue of products. The biggest interests are fashion, food, hobbies, interior design and travel (we all miss this right?)

How does Pinterest Business work?

Every idea is represented by what users call a ‘pin’. This is an image that users search and then if they like it, they can save it. ‘Pins’ can also link to websites which means plenty of potential traffic to your page. This is why it is vital, that you include a link to your webpage when showcasing your business.

Don’t forget!!

Adding links makes it so easy for a user to find out more about your product and potentially go on to make a purchase.

Pinterest wants people to use them for business and is working hard on their unique selling points. They are looking to run webinars for small businesses and are using an interactive workshop that will allow you to connect with pinners (Pinterest users) to discuss ways to get the most of your marketing strategy.

Will Pinterest work for my business?

Only if you have a website or another way where you can capture potential customer's details like a blog with free downloads or an online shop where people can buy your products.

It also depends on what you are selling. It works well for a chef selling his recipe book or a shop selling arts and crafts products. The average age of a Pinterest user is between 25-54 and over 66% of the users are female so if you are selling male hairpieces for the over 60’s then maybe, at a guess, this platform is not for you.

You do not want to waste time creating an account and uploading images just to realise that you have no audience.

What type of content do you post on a Pinterest Business account?

Visual speaks volumes when it comes to Pinterest.

So what should you post and what makes a good ‘Pin’?

Top Tip 1:

Use vertical imagery. Most users are on mobile phones so go for a 2:3 aspect ratio and aim for high quality.

Top Tip 2: 

Be descriptive. Tell people exactly what they are seeing. Draw them into want to learn and know more.

Top Tip 3:

Include your company's logo so that it doesn’t get lost in what is called ‘rep-pin shuffle’.

Top Tip 4:

Tell a good story! Once you have people's attention then show them your brand in action.

Pinterest recommends sharing your seasonal content at least 45 days in advance. If your product is seasonal, then it’s best to plan ahead and get in early.

We all know shops start to stock Christmas items from August!!


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