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Why do you need a business Instagram account?

Instagram has really been known for its visuals, especially with celebrities, since it first started so most businesses would not go to as their first choice of Social Media platform. However, over recent years, especially in COVID times when businesses premises were closed, it has become very popular for businesses big and small.

They say a picture can say a thousand words. If you’re trying to showcase to followers and new customers what you have to offer then visual graphics can offer way more than a few words or lines of text, the visual is a perfect compliment. Seeing really is believing and so Instagram can allow you to provide visual evidence with just one simple picture or video. Using Instagram gives you the option of sharing your picture over multiple platforms. If you are lucky and your picture makes a big impression with followers then it could potentially go viral and get you more engagement which could lead to more business which is a winning combination.

With many people doing their shopping online and even more so on the go (Instagram was originally designed for mobile devices) then you again are potentially reaching more and more people. Instagram really is a great platform for any size business and should not be overlooked.

How do you set up your business account for Instagram?

There are two ways of setting up an Instagram business account. You can either turn your personal account (if you have one) into a business account or you can create a new one; whatever works best for you. It is worth knowing that you can only hold a maximum of 5 accounts on Instagram at any one time.

Step-by-step instructions on how to switch from a personal to a business account:

1. Go to the top right-hand corner of your profile and tap the 3 lines

2. Tap the settings icon (note: in some accounts the ‘switch 2 pro account’ option may already be listed under settings)

3. Click ‘account’

4. Click ‘switch 2 pro account’

5. Click ‘continue’

6. Select a category for your business and click ‘done’.

If you do not have an Instagram account then you can set up an account from scratch.

1. Choose a user name that clearly represents your business

2. Add a profile picture, a biography, and a website address

3. Ensure you link your account to other accounts you may have on social media to ensure more engagement

4. Share your new Insta business page name of other platforms, allowing your followers to find you and follow.

What is the difference between posts, stories, reels, and Insta live?


A post is where a picture or video is posted on your account for followers to find and is a great starting point. You can add the graphic from your profile page, then you can follow the clear instructions and add filters, text, tag locations, and people. The final option, before posting, is to add any text you want people to see and share.


Stories are slightly different to posts as you can customise a story, which is a mix of photos and short videos. Bear in mind that the stories are only visible to followers for 24 hours and then they are automatically saved to your private archive. The story holds all kinds of creative tools like animated stickers and cartoons, song lyrics, and links can be added, for example, charity donations and polls, and quizzes can be added too. So many more options than the more simple post.


Instagram reels allow you to record and upload short videos that can be up to 15 seconds long. Once you have made your video you can have the option to edit it by adding text, special effects, and even music. Users can make comments or like your reel making them a great way for people to communicate with you.


Instagram Live is a great feature that allows you to ‘live stream’ to anyone who wants to watch. Viewers can interact with you when you are live by sending you messages which can be read out and also viewers can send hearts (a way of letting you know they like what they see). Comments can be disabled when Live if you choose to but are visible by default. Notifications are also sent to followers letting them know when you have gone live.

3 top tips to get the most out of your Instagram business account


Use Hashtags! They play a very crucial role in driving traffic to your page. By including hashtags in all your posts, people searching the hashtag you have used will be able to find you and your business. Those searching for your hashtag of choice usually have similar interests and feeds and are more likely to like your business and therefore engage.

Insta Stories

Stories are a very brief (15 seconds to be precise) snapshot of your business life and can give the follower an idea of what happens behind the scenes. As previously mentioned, these can be enhanced with extras like ‘polls’ or ‘ask me a question’ feature which allows the follower a chance to have their say and share their opinions with you. Communication and interaction are key.


An Instagram business account will give you insights into how your posts perform. You will be able to see how many accounts you’ve reached, how many accounts engaged with your as well as your total amount of followers. Look at which content is performing well and create more of that. Try tweaking the content with low engagement. You can try to change the image or add more hashtags

You are the owner of your business's Instagram account and therefore you are in control of what you post and when and how you can get more engagement. There are many options to choose from as we have discussed. You are able to use Instagram to raise awareness of your business and potentially grow your business.

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